Monday, August 9, 2010

Thinking Of Fall.....

What a Hot & Humid summer we are having ...... it makes me long for cool, crisp fall weather ! My Silly Pumkin rug makes me feel better , he is 27 " by 14 " . It has been fun sorting thru my bundles of pretty wool I have collected.

New Wreaths

A small wreath about 4" of Putka Pods.
A wreath of pomegranates, lemon leaves, and slit oranges, this about 8".
A wreath of lemon leaves, and pomegranates.

New Garlands

Here are a few new garlands....
The one at the bottom has neat tiny gourds with pumpkin peppers.
The middle one has lemon leaves, cinnamon sticks,nutmegs & pumpkin chunks.
The top one is dried cranberries and holly leaves.
They are all 36" long.