Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things to do while being snowed in !

Yesterday we got 3 inches of was light fluffy snow & looked so pretty .
This morning we woke up another snow storm, but this is how it looks after getting 10 inches or maybe even a foot !  So what to do when you are snowed in ???? Bake cookies & rug hooking !!!!  I got this Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Pecan Cookies recipe from oldgreymare.BlogSpot.....they are Yummy !!!
In the fall I won this Great hooked rug pattern from Star Rug Company, Maria had a fun give-a-way , I just finished it yesterday & Love it !!! It was fun to do , I had never done the bead stitch before, but it was easy & I love how it looks !
I also won another pattern from is a pattern I have admired for a long time. I started hooking this yesterday & today and I can't put it down !
I'll go out and shovel a wider path for my little guy and come in for another cookie & a cup of hot chocolate ! Even though, I have had it with this cold winter, today is just one of those great snow days to stay home, sweet home !!!


  1. passing by!
    the cookies look wonderful, just love those rugs you're working on.
    the little guy looks cold....bbbbbbrrrrr

  2. Oh I'm jealous you have finished your pumpkin from Star Rug company....I won one the same time as you and I've not even started mine. BUT, it WILL be done in time for next October that is a promise. Also like the other pattern you are hooking.


  3. Maria's pumpkin is just perfect. I just love her patterns!
    I forgot you won the pattern from me. You are off to a GREAT start.
    Hopefully we will welcome spring soon.
    Pug hugs :)