Friday, March 18, 2016

Home Tweet Homes for Sale !

My husband has been having fun creating these houses for our feathered friends.

The bird house above that is made from old drift wood has a neat old hand made handle for it's perch. A farmer must have made the latch for a tobacco farm my son worked at .  The little wrens immediately moved in ! We watch them bring in building material for their nest. It is so cute to see their little heads peak out !

The other bird houses are going to be looking for a nice neighborhoods !

Spring is in the air , but the weathermen are predicting snow for the first day of Spring ! We hope they are wrong !


  1. I love birdhouses too. Yours are wonderful and wish they were mine. Have some which are meant for decoration on my back porch, some which are used inside the house made from wood from the Victorian Hotel Chalfonte but love them all.

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